Z Lens LLC is a privately held, self-funded corporation developing a novel Accommodating-Disaccommodationg Intraocular Lens. The company has received financial support from the National Eye Institute and the National Science Foundation. Individual investor inquiries are welcomed.

Episode 16: Implantation of an Accommodative-Disaccomodative IOL

by Jonathan L. Prenner, MD, Paul M. Beer, MD

Moderator Jonathan L. Prenner, MD, of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School speaks with Paul M. Beer, MD, of Z Lens LLC. Dr. Beer describes a new accommodative-disaccomodative IOL, the implantation of which combines an anterior segment approach for cataract surgery, followed by a 6-week period during which fibrosis occurs, and finally a pars plans approach and an anterior vitrectomy.

Z lens LLC has developed the patented Zonular Capture Haptics, which have been proven in primate experiments to capture and respond to zonular forces. The Rhesus monkey is the best model of accommodation. Zonular Capture Haptics transmit movement successfully to an accommodative-disaccommodative intraocular lens.  Z lens has successfully developed  an in vivo dynamometer  to measure the forces actually exerted by zonules in the eye during accommodation. This data has been used to force optimize the second generation haptics.

Our experimental models have greatly surpassed all other companies or accommodative IOL models. We have obtained an average of 4 diopters of acccommodation with our simplest, un-optimized AD-IOL, by virtue of using our zonular capture technology. Out axial shift is up to 0.74mm, again far exceeding any publicly know models. Our dynamic response matches physiologic accommodation response. We have demonstrated incredible haptic movement in response to zonular forces, never seen before Zonular Capture Haptics technology was developed.

There are many ways in which movement can be converted into accommodation. We are, at the time of this writing, getting  several lines of implants ready, to take advantage of our accomplishments so far and we plan to test them in the animal model, prior to clinical trials.


Z lens LLC has received financial support in the form of research grants from the National Eye Institute and the National Science Foundation:




NEI high program relevance status   – Oct.2012

NEI Phase I STTR Grant – March 2013

NEI Phase II STTR Grant – application pending fall 2014





NSF Phase I SBIR Grant – Dec. 2012

NSF Phase IB  SBIR Grant – May 2013

NSF Phase II SBIR Grant –  September 2014

NSF will match up to 1 million dollars raised from outside investors for a Phase IIB SBIR Grant Application